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Inspiring and Encouraging Women: Stephanie

Please enjoy the first of our small feature series on some incredible women to instill motivation and uplifting support to other females!

For this particular featurette, we chose the amazing Stephanie M. 

What was your situation when you began looking for work:

My job search began shortly after I went back to my job after maternity leave. While I was still being promoted and rewarded for the work that I was doing, I had come to a few discoveries while I had been out. I was no longer willing, or truly able to work the hours I had been expected to contribute and be satisfied as an employee. I had also had conversations with peers in the industry and came to the realization that for the level of expertise and dedication I brought to my role I was being underpaid.

What was your goal:

My goal was to find a position where my knowledge and expertise were rewarded, but where the fact that I brought unique life experiences to the table were also celebrated.  


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Returners, Here's The Best Kept Secret to Landing a Job at Your Dream Company

job hunting job search Mar 15, 2018

As published in Nafe, by Tracy Saunders.

Re-entering the workplace may be difficult, but it certainly isn't impossible.

Women with children make up a majority of the labor force but if you've ever taken time off, you know that getting back in can be tough. The longer you wait, the more difficult it can be to find work.

Overcoming Sexism, Age, and Salary Discrimination

Women in the workforce still face challenges that include sexism, age and salary discrimination, lack of benefits and inadequate childcare, among other things.

 A recent study found that for every 10 highly qualified women who left their jobs voluntarily, ONLY 40% were able to find full-time, mainstream work.

With stats like that, just looking for a job is enough to cause overwhelm and anxiety. However, don't give up. Instead, to give yourself a job search advantage, use a recruiting agency to act as your champion, and fast track your success.

Forget work stress, just looking for a job is enough to cause...

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Moms, 2018 Is Your Year To Get Hired

job trends moms returnships Feb 22, 2018

Published by Forbes, 02/01/18

Author, Tracy Saunders

Given that 50% of the US workforce is made up of women and 70% of them have children under 18, it’s about time hiring trends shift to reflect these stats — most notably in the emergence of training and placement programs designed to accommodate working moms. Here are five trends that mamas who are re-entering the job market or transitioning to another profession should know about in 2018.

1. I Love Returnships — And You Should, Too

Women returning to work now have access to one of the most exciting phenomena in women’s workforce history: Returnships.

Returnships are paid internships that are specially designed for professional women (and men, too) who have taken a long hiatus from their careers, usually for family reasons.

One reason returnships are so exciting is that they offer women a chance to catch up with everything they’ve missed while they’ve been gone. For example, if...

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Why Women Really Quit Their Jobs

working mother Feb 19, 2018

This might make me sound like a feminist, so be it.

But my entire feed is blowing up about the survey “Why People Really Quit Their Jobs” conducted by some pretty amazing people at Harvard Business Review.

There’s so much to love about this article, and the idea of job creation makes me swoon, especially as I work to help so many women sort through cookie-cutter job descriptions and battle their own imposter syndrome.

And to another point, I always tell candidates how much you love your job will not be from the company you land, but will instead depend on the boss you work for. I’ve had some incredible bosses, and those bonds lift you and last a lifetime.

It’s true when I was at Google, many moons ago, I was amazed that they gave employees paid time to pursue their hobbies and interests. Those projects were paving the way for a better world — no exaggeration. And even still, not enough room is truly being made for so...

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WJSN Launches The First and Only Job Search Course Just for Moms

Despite corporate diversity recruiting efforts, in 2018 many working mothers struggle to land news jobs due to the rise in competition and complexity of recruiting processes. To help women navigate the murky and confusing world of job hunting, Tracy Saunders, an ex-Amazon and ex-Google recruiter releases the first job search course created specifically for mothers.

Check it out here


Although job announcements regularly appear on numerous job boards, landing a new role is more time consuming and tedious than ever. Companies receive hundreds and even thousands of applications each year. To stand out in a meaningful way, women – moms in particular -- must take a more strategic approach to finding and landing their land a dream job.

“For women who’ve been out of the workforce for a few years, technology has changed the way companies hire. Otherwise, challenges arise in closing resumes gaps, or as I often hear, looking for a new role while...

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5 Ways Treating Your Job Search Like Parenting Will Lead to Your Dream Gig

I came across a LinkedIn post from a woman who endured 28 interviews before landing a job. As a working mom of twins (a mom who may or may not be writing this on her lunch break, shoving a salad down between meetings and typing with nails months overdue for a mani), I’m thinking, who has time for that? 

And as a recruiter I think about the art of job search a lot. It's my job to get intimately involved in job-seekers’ lives, review loads of resumes, negotiate offers and (the best part) help people land jobs. I know what it takes to be discovered, but I also know that job-searching is different for you, Mama.

Why? You're up against hundreds of confident, highly qualified people who probably don’t have Paw Patrol stickers stuck to their butts for the same jobs. And then there’s the joyful experience of applying to jobs while “Mom. Mom ... Mom!” crescendos from the other room as you try to upload your resume to a corporate website, only to have...

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