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Get Insider Secrets From a 20-Year Recruiting Vet for Top-Tier Companies Like Google and Amazon

Hi, I'm Tracy!

You may have seen my articles in Forbes, Working Mother and Scary Mommy.  I’ve spent 20 years recruiting for top-tier companies like Amazon and Google. And here’s what I see happening:

Women are missing opportunities because they’re too afraid to sell themselves, too timid about their accomplishments, and scared as heck of appearing “braggy” or “self-important.”

...which means they lose out on the best jobs.

It’s not “the system” holding women back, it’s our own reluctance to broadcast our achievements and expertise the way that men do.

This 5-day series is your first step to reversing this nasty trend. 

Because seriously. It’s about time. If not now, when? And if not you, who?


Most women are critically underselling themselves on LinkedIn

Which is oh-so-painful, because it’s the #1 place recruiters spend their time. We spend about 6 seconds glancing at your resume, then it’s straight to LinkedIn.

And here’s what we see next:

Half-done profiles.

Headshot from the early 80’s.

Curious gaps in your employment history (Shh! Don’t tell anyone you actually took time off have kids, gasp!).

Returning-to-work moms are the WORST for this.

And the result is $1000s in lost income opportunity, and MASSIVE missed opportunities to uplevel your career.

Well that ends here. Today.


You could kick back in lotus position and try to “manifest” the perfect job—or you can go out there are grab what’s rightfully yours.



IN THIS FREE 5-DAY SERIES, you’re going to make your LinkedIn profile 300% more searchable, promote yourself just as hard as your male competitors, and create a LinkedIn profile that’s going to win you the abundant life you deserve.

  • 5-minute fixes that radically increase your searchability (because I know how busy you are)
  • The need-to-know on key words and how to make employers come to YOU
  • The missing media that drives potential employers to click away from your profile
  • Red-flag words that too many moms use on their profiles (and what words to use instead


Don’t waste 1 more minute fiddling in Microsoft Word with that fancy resumé template. It won’t work. But this will.


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